Commission Me!

Wanting a commission? I can absolutely do that! Here's my handy little guide for commissioning me!

  • For private use only! If you would like a logo or a design for something that you intend to resell, I do charge more. Let me know when you are commissioning me what you intend to use it for.

  • I charge up front via Paypal. You are not added to the queue until I receive payment. My paypal email is

  • Pinup work is $100 for a digital full body 11x17 pinup with a simple background/props. I may charge more if you want extras added. Please keep my art style in mind when commissioning me, I don't draw burly masculine subjects.

  • If you'd like an 11x17 print shipped to you of your commission, I do charge an additional $25. It's completely optional though!

  • I can do traditional painting commissions! The price on them varies, email me and we can discuss!

  • Turnaround time is anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on how intricate your commission is. If you have a deadline that you need it by I'm super happy to work with you on it!

Thank you! I'll get back to you ASAP